Themes 2024

Circular manufacturing in the wood industry

We are all now striving towards a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. Knowledge about the smart use of existing resources plays a crucial role. In production, the concepts of reuse and remanufacturing are taking centre stage. Remanufacturing is the industrial process of restoring products to a higher quality standard, which extends their lifespan. Reuse is about giving products a new purpose and extending their usefulness. In line with the global goals to which Sweden is committed, we now have a duty to maximise the use of available resources. The time when we could carelessly consume and discard is over. Together, we will be looking towards both environmental and economic sustainability at Trä och Teknik, the Wood and Technology Fair, 3-6 September 2024.

The global wood industry

In the wood industry, globalisation has brought an exciting mix of opportunities and challenges. International communication and exports have not only influenced new trends, but also opened the door to ground-breaking technological developments. At the same time, we face important issues around sustainable production lines and long-distance transport. Increased global competition affects both price and quality. So how do we meet these challenges in an increasingly interconnected world? How do we strengthen Swedish competitiveness without compromising quality and sustainability? All this and much more will be explored at Trä och Teknik, 3-6 September 2024.

Sustainable construction in wood

The future of the construction sector calls for minimising environmental impact, recycling and energy efficiency. Wood plays a central role in sustainable construction, thanks to its enormous potential in areas such as sustainability, well-being and design. Today, wood’s uses are being explored in a wide range of structures, from hospitals to high-rise buildings and wind turbines. Despite its innumerable benefits, the increased use of wood places demands on both the wood industry and Sweden as a whole. At Trä och Teknik, 3-6 September 2024, we will gather to discuss how we can best promote sustainable construction in wood, and how we can meet the challenges and questions that arise along the way.

The resource-efficient future of the wood supply chain

It is clear that wood, as a building material, has played and will continue to play a crucial role. Ensuring that it does so requires a sustainable wood supply chain – from forest harvesting to finished wood products. Trä och Technik, 3-6 September 2024, will focus on the key elements of the wood supply chain and its resource efficiency, such as efficient forest use and manufacturing, recycling and reuse, as well as transport and product design. By taking a holistic approach to the entire chain, instead of letting each part work in isolation, we will create opportunities to utilise more of the timber while reducing unnecessary waste.