This is our Exhibitor Service Online!

Our Exhibitor Service Online is a complete service for planning your exhibition and maximizing the benefits of taking part. And for keeping on top of just about everything you need to know before, during and after the event. So log on straight away. It will pay off!
Once you have logged on to our Exhibitor Service Online, you can do many things. You can for instance:

– Present your company via in our multiple marketing channels
– Design your exhibition stand according to your exact wishes and needs
– Place orders for almost any goods and services
– Market your products and your exhibition programme points
– Get practical information on all important matters – before, during and after the event

Log on now and start to plan your exhibition. As your company’s named contact person, you will already have received logon information by e-mail. Once you have logged on, you can also authorise your colleagues to use our Exhibitor Service Online (see You and your colleagues).

Visit the Exhibitor Service Online.