Three stages to get you up to speed

Wood Products & Technology will have three separate stages. Efficient Wood Production and Building with Wood will feature presentations by key people and experts. Wood Fusion will provide an exciting view of wood in the future.

Efficient Wood Production

Will spotlight new technologies and clever solutions. Well-known speakers and experts from various branches will provide valuable insights through a series of talks and case studies on how the digital revolution can help to cut costs and generate revenue.


Wood Fusion: The incredible scope of wood

Wood Fusion is a look-into-the-future. An exhibition-within-an-exhibition pulling back the curtain on the interior,carpentry and furniture production of the future.Plus exciting, new materials made from wood.

Building With Wood: sustainability, durability and other benefits

Will focus on building with wood and industrial building methods. A range of experts will get you up-to-speed on the methods and technologies of the future, and the big benefits of wood in terms of efficient buildingmethods, sustainability, durability and other benefits.