Comments on Wood Products & Technology 2016

Our exhibitors 2016

”We’ve been coming to these fairs for more than twenty years, and this year’s was the best ever. It’s been absolutely fantastic. The pressure of visitors at our stand was beyond belief. And we met all the people we’d hoped to meet. Another thing that impressed us was the way the whole industry comes together at Wood Products & Technology – it gives the event a wider appeal and makes it more interesting to a more varied audience.”
Bo Holmlund, CEO, Theoflis

”It was the first time we exhibited at Wood Products & Technology, and it was a very positive experience with productive conversations and lots of interesting contacts. We’re already the largest forestry products port in Sweden and we’re out to attract the attention of even more companies in the wood industry. Which we did at Wood Products & Technology. People from several sawmills and other companies, including IKEA, joined a bus tour we organised to the port.”
Susanne Hansson, Exhibition Manager, Port of Gothenburg