We will contact exhibitors by phone as soon as possible, but answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found below. You are of course welcome to contact any of us on the team now or at your convenience.

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What if we cannot make the new date in 2021?

You will be refunded the amount paid, with the exception of the basic fee.

Can we be refunded the invoiced amount, even if we move to 2021?

The amount can be refunded, with the exception of the basic fee. The basic fee is valid for the event in 2021 and will therefore be carried forward.

What if we want to pay for the space we booked for 2020?

That’s fine. Talk to your sales representative, who will help you with new payment plans.

Will we keep the same stand?

We will try to keep your agreed stand insofar as this is possible, but in cases where cancellations or rebookings may affect you, you will be contacted by your sales representative or other contact person on the team.

What if we have booked a stand design, hotel, scanner etc.?

You will receive a new order confirmation from us for approval. If you received an offer from us, this will be transferred to 2021.