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Company profile

LEDINEK is a provider of complete turnkey solutions for CLT, glulam, solid constructional timber and planing sorting mills as well.

Our range of planers includes high-speed planers with cuttershaft exchange system up to 1.000 m/min, planers and moulders up to 400 m/min, wide planing machines for wide beams between 300 – 3.000 mm, planer feeding devices for up to 200 cycles/min and planers with the ROTOLES system.

Automatic and CNC controlled presses for curved and straight glulam beams, rotary and flat presses, presses for wall elements (BSP, CLT, X-Lam).

Finger jointing machines for glulam production lines with up to 180 joints/min and for solid constructional timber plants with up to 50 joints/min.

Further optimizing saws, length cut-off saws, two spindle splitting saws, multiple cut-off saws, band saws, mechanization, parquetry lines and special machines are offered.

Sales offices:

Germany, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, France.

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Ledinek Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH
Völkermarkter Strasse 1
AT-9150 Bleiburg
+386 2 613 00 51